Uzimet BV

Uzimet BV is Holland’s leading producer, distributor and exporter of lead sheet for the construction sector and industrial customers.  Uzimet operates a lead refinery and sources 100% of its raw material from recycled lead scrap

Operational excellence

  • Manufacture of lead sheet to EN 12588

  • Uzimet’s refinery equipment includes a recently installed Reducing Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) afterburner to ensure minimal emissions

  • Provision of high quality technical advice to architects, specifiers and contractors.


Core expertise

  • Low energy refining of lead scrap

    Production of high quality lead sheet to EN 12588

  • Short-lead time distribution service to customers throughout Benelux and N. France

  • Lead sheet for  X-Ray protection

  • Manufacture of lead products for diverse industrial applications


  • ISO 19001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • CE Marking EN 14783

Lead Sheet Products