Roehr and Stolberg

Röhr & Stolberg GmbH is Germany's leading producer, distributor and exporter of lead sheet for the construction sector and industrial customers. It is also a leading European manufacturer of lead engineering products for radiation shielding and other applications.

Engineering excellence

  • Germany's largest manufacturer of lead sheet to EN 12588 "Saturnblei" specification
  • Europe's leading producer of coated lead sheet for construction and industrial applications
  • Capability to roll thin lead sheet to 0.15mm
  • Complete lead engineering process capability
  • Extensive experience in the production of lead products for a wide range of applications
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Core expertise

  • Production & distribution of high quality lead sheet
  • Complete product range including thin and coated products
  • Manufacture of radiation protection products
  • Manufacture of lead products for  diverse industrial applications


  • ISO 9001:  2008
  • ISO 14001:  2004 
  • BS OHSAS 18001:  2007
  • ISO 50001:  2011

Lead engineering products