Corporate Responsibility

Environmental management

Calder Group is committed to responsible environmental management. All Calder Group lead manufacturing facilities operate under IPPC Licences (or their local equivalent) and ISO 14001 environmental management systems. We are committed to ongoing investment at all our sites to improve our environmental performance.

Lead Recycling.

We aspire to using 100% recycled material. We are committed to manufacturing 100% of our lead sheet from recycled lead.

Lead and product safety.

We believe that, used correctly in the right applications, lead is a safe material. Wherever we are aware of risks to health arising from the incorrect use of lead, we take initiatives to manage the risks. Our lead manufacturing operations are committed to the achievement of blood lead levels below statutory limits through ongoing investment and management initiatives.

Occupational health and safety.

It is our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, and to ensure that safe operating procedures are followed at all times.

Training and employee development.

Calder Group is committed to the personal development of our employees.  We recruit and train apprentices;  we offer appropriate training to all employees;  and we prefer internal promotion to external recruitment wherever this is possible.

Local communities.

Calder Group policy is to be a responsible corporate citizen in all the local communities in which we operate.