Ballast, counterweights and anti-vibration

Calder group is a pan-European engineering group, active in specialist engineering, lead engineering and the manufacture and distribution of lead sheet. It supplies a world-wide customer-base in the aerospace, construction, healthcare, nuclear power, oil & gas and other markets.


Calder Group subsidiaries manufacture a wide range of counterweights, balances, ballast and anti-vibration devices to individual customer specification.

The customers supplied come from a wide variety of industries and applications, including:

  • Aerospace - counter-balances
  • Automotive - anti-vibration products
  • Heavy plant - crane counter-weights
  • Marine - non-corrosive ballast
  • Construction- bridge ballast

Calder Group’s process capability includes a complete range of production methods to meet customer specification and cost constraints.

The product range extends from small counter-balances weighing a few grams to 60 tonne fillings for oil-rig stabilisation.